International Recognition -WMO


The SAFAR project of the (ESSO), MoES of the Government of India which is executed by IITM, Pune has been recognized by GURME, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as an important activity of the region. The WMO is a specialized agency of the United Nations (Geneva) for meteorology - weather and climate, operational hydrology and related geophysical sciences having ~187 member states, countries and territories.

It states that SAFAR may serve as an example within India, in the larger region of South Asia, and globally. Hence, GURME (WMO) adopts it as its pilot activity. In order to provide accurate and useful information for the Commonwealth Games, the quality of the observations and forecast are extremely important and WMO promised to make all efforts to get international visibility and provide necessary guidelines to this innovative Indian project, if needed. This is an important achievement for us and will make us to doubly check our results and assure us about the QA and QC. After the successful implementation of SAFAR-Delhi during CWG-2010, the WMO in its SAG (Scientific Advisory Group) meeting in Geneva during December 2012 unanimously adopted SAFAR-Pune as its 2nd pilot project in India. Another milestone achieved by SAFAR-team.