SAFAR – Basic Research Goals


To develop a System of Air Quality and weather Forecasting and Research in major metropolitan cities of India starting from Pune and extending it to other metropolitan cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc.

To provide near real time and 1-2 day advance forecast for air quality information for Metropolitan cities including severe air pollution warnings and alert services.

Weather services in- Near real time,1-2 days advance forecast, now-cast (3-6 hr advance) and short range scales over different sections of the Metropolitan cities including severe weather warnings.

To provide detailed customized meteorological and air quality products on-demand basis and spreading awareness through free SMS services and web portal.

To study the impact of air quality on Health and Eco-system.

To qualify microclimate of metropolitan cities.

To study the spatio-temporal, seasonal and long-term trends in the level of weather parameter atmospheric pollutant and chemical weather and inter-linkages.


• System Development: Develop and dedicate the state of the art System of location specific weather forecasts and now-casts; andAir Quality Forecasting & Research to nation as an operational service for each selected Metropolitan city.

• Product Delivery: All the SAFAR products are delivered to the user using different modes of communication so as reach the masses.

• Air Quality Information: Air quality information in easy to understand format i.e. as Air Quality Indicators (@ Human Health) for TODAY and TOMORROW is conveyed in terms of-Colours (Green to Maroon), Text (Good to Critical) and Number (AQI 0 to 500), Colour pollution maps.

• Radiation Indicator: In terms of UV-Index for Human Skin related risks.

• Weather Information:

It will be delivered as:

• (1) Real-time weather information

• (2) Now cast for severe weather conditions

• (3) Location / area specific weather forecasts