About the Emission Inventory


Emission Inventory is a comprehensive listing by sources of air pollutant emissions and amount of air pollutants released into air as a result of a specific process in a particular geographic region during a specific time period. This is one of the most critical factors required for 3-D atmospheric chemistry transport models along with meteorological input to forecasting the air quality for mitigation. Quality of forecasting depends on accuracy and reliability of emission estimation. Emission inventories could also be used for air quality management and formulating environmental policy.

Development of emission inventory is a complex process due to numerous, diverse and widely dispersed emission sources in city like Pune and its adjacent region and requires huge amount of high resolution activity data, emission factors along with knowledge of fundamental scientific processes. Scientists of MoES are involved in this area of research for more than a decade at IITM, Pune and published first ever inventory of several pollutants for our country India in international journals. For the development of emission inventory of PMR, a bottom up approach has been used for which a GIS (Geographical Information System) based statistical model has been developed by our scientists at IITM to prepare high resolution gridded emission inventory. The emissions have been estimated for the individual sources and for that purpose, an extensive scientific field campaign has been carried out in PMR region during the past several months by involving more than 100 students and scientists from different colleges and university by which a noble cause to inculcate the feeling of scientific temperaments in young mind is also achieved. The main focus of the campaign was to generate missing primary data, validate some uncertain secondary data and to collect the available secondary data. Our Scientists are in the process of developing the high resolution (1.67 km x 1.67 km) emission inventory of all major air pollutants for PMR to facilitate accurate air quality forecasting. Emission inventories have been developed for 8 air pollutants namely, Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX); Carbon Monoxide (CO); Black Carbon (BC); Organic Carbon (OC); Particulate Matter <2.5 micron (PM2.5); Particulate Matter <10 micron (PM10); Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).


Vehicle density counting at Koregaon Park.


Domestic / residential emissions.


Slum fuel Consumption Survey - SAFAR Emission Inventory Campaign.