Control Room and Information Gateway

SAFAR Control Centre (SCC)

The SCC consists of all high tech servers, communication network and customized software to receive and disseminate day is real time and converting it in information. The clusters of Basel Display will facilitate the entire network of AQMS stations and DDS across a city which can be monitored centrally. The Basel display is compiled of 6 LCD units that enable the scientists at IITM to monitor the working of AQMS, DDS (Through Live Streaming) at different locations and SAFAR website simultaneously.

Figure: SAFAR Control Centre Pune

Figure: Inside - SAFAR Control Centre

The SCC also houses a special lounge for Scientists and VIP’s from where they can see not only the entire SAFAR Network from one place, but also they can view the graphical representation of the analyzed data in the form of maps, models, etc. To encourage the young students and research fellows, to make them aware of the current research happenings and to develop their interest in research related to atmospheric sciences, a separate section is maintained in the SAFAR Control Centre from where these young minds can have a glimpse of the SAFAR research.

Information Gateways

A schematic of data management is illustrated in the flow chart given herewith. Near real time online raw data from 10 Stations will be transferred to AQMS Server in control room at IITM, Pashan, Pune through GPRS network. The raw data will then be converted in the public friendly format like AQI or UV-Index, etc. Thereafter it will finally be archived into FTP Master Control Server with wired connectivity where data will also be quality assured and quality controlled by the expert scientific team instantly. This data set will then be available for dissemination to generate information products. The air quality forecasting data for the next day will be available 30 hours in advance from HPC facility of IITM to FTP master control server. The FTP master control server will have responsibility to channel the data to Display Server from where it will be converted to user friendly products and then required product information will be transmitted to various LED display boards around PMR via 3G communication network. FTP server will also cater the data to WEB server of SAFAR-Pune and to various service providers like IVRS and media.