Benefits to End-User


The SAFAR Program will provide Pune with timely and accurate air quality information. For a city like PMR, assessment of environmental pollutants exposure and its impact on human health, vegetations, water quality and ecosystem became a necessity so as to spread awareness among masses. It is felt necessary that knowing the quality of air we breathe and its knowledge in advance would go a long way for the citizens living in PMR to prepare themselves and take preventive measures. The atmosphere of awareness and sensitizing citizens on the subject would likely to pave the way towards mitigation steps for an individual and also to formulate the strategies for policy makers.

1. Information of Air Quality will help in planning the benefit from agricultural crop yields

2. As minor changes in Air Quality may affect sensitive people more, knowing its quality in advance will act as a basis for mitigation strategies to protect Human health.

3. SAFAR will serve the purpose of spreading awareness on Impact of Air Quality and Weather

4. 3D atmospheric chemistry transport model will help in improvement of Forecasting skill via chemistry feedback